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Kim prendergast  fitness + Wellness COACH

We offer group fitness classes that are always different so you will continually challenge your body and never get bored!

We know that many people don't know what to do when it comes to working out so our coaches design the workout for you!

Don't take our word for it; we want you to see for yourself!
That's why your first class is ALWAYS FREE! 

Give us 45 minutes and we'll show you how to fit fitness into your life!

At HIIT It With Kim,
we help show people that group fitness  can be fun!

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 175 Benton Drive 
East Longmeadow, MA

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I worked in a gym for 10 years and realized that i could reach even more people if i branched out on my own. The rest is history. 

I opened my studio because I truly love how fitness made me feel and I wanted others to feel the same.

"My main life mission is to show people how exercise and wellness can positively impact every aspect of their life- physically, mentally and socially."

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Tracy L.

"...We call ourselves the Fit Fam because it really does feel more like a supportive family. There are excellent ever-changing and ever-challenging workouts, but there is also a feeling of camaraderie. Not to mention Coach Kim is always giving a helpful push to keep you motivated. I highly recommend giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed."

"This gym is more than just a gym."

Nichole t.

" I've known Kim for a while, and am glad to have reconnected with her! The gym family is amazing and no workout is the same. The coaches push you out of your comfort zone and you will see results! Any questions you need answered, they are there for you! Best decision i've made to join this gym!"

"BEST gym around hands down!"

wilmary m.

"I truly recommend everyone to join this amazing gym, you will be challenge and push by these amazing instructors (Kim, zach, Carlos and sahar) who care and want you to become healthier and stronger. They will motivate you and push you to reach your goals. Everyone is like family and motivate each other each class. Classes are intense but they go by so fast because their fun and you have always someone cheering you on. Hands down it has been the best decision I have made this year to join. And you won’t regret it either."

"Hands-down the BEST decision I've made..."


"Joining this FITFAM is truly one of the BEST thing I’ve done for myself in years. I was never one that enjoyed working out; but now I don’t want to miss my 6am class. Not only is Kim amazing but I’ve met empowering group of women that help my push myself toward being stronger. This is a judgment free gym. Best thing you could do for yourself is walk in the door and try a class ❤️💛🖤"

"This is a judgment free gym..."

Class Schedule + Pricing
 Class Descriptions

The focus will be on strength and using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells; minimal cardio mixed in.
Duration: 45 minutes

Love the TRX? This class is for you!  Our focus will be on the TRX with other modalities mixed in as well!
Learn proper form + technique!
Duration: 45 minutes

Let's dedicate 45 minutes working on 2 of our favorite ass(ets)! Your glutes and abs will be sure to feel a solid burn in this class as we plump the peach and tighten the tummy!
Duration: 45 minutes

30 minutes of dedicated core and ab work! Many people lack core strength so we will focus on building strength from our deep core muscle all the way out keeping your core tight and engaged!
Duration: 30 minutes

A mix of strength and cardio using a variety of equipment-TRX, dumbbells, ropes, BOSU and more! All levels welcomed! Progressions and modifications are always offered!
Duration: 45 minutes

A mash up of all the classes that we offer! One 15 minute block of strength, one 15 minute block of cardio and one 15 minute block of core all in one class!
Duration: 45 minutes

Bleachers, field work, bands and more! Come enjoy an outside workout while getting some Vitamin D! All ages and levels welcomed!
Duration: 45 minutes

 Class Descriptions
Class Schedule + Pricing

Take the first step to changing your life! 

"Fitness for EVERYONE!"

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Mat-based pilates focuses on strength, stability, posture, breath, control and flexibility. Each class will work to balance all muscle groups with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each smooth, slow and controlled movement. Pilates is a great low impact way to work on strengthening your body from your deep down stabilizer muscles outward. Small movements, slow tempo, focus and breath work with tons of benefits!
Duration: 45 minutes

We are located at 175 Benton Drive in East Longmeadow, MA. We hope to see you very soon for your FREE trial class!

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We offer a few different options but always suggest to commit to a monthly membership because thats really going to keep you committed and be the most cost effective overall: 
Drop in $15
1 Month Unlimited $130
2 Months Unlimited $240
3 Months Unlimited $350
10 Class Pack $135
20 Class Pack $260

How much do the classes cost? 


You don’t need to be "in shape" to come. You can have bad knees, sore shoulders and aching feet-movement can help these problems tremendously! You'll see your strength and fitness improve dramatically with consistent effort.

What if I'm not "in shape"?


Not much, actually! The most important thing to bring is an open mind. In terms of equipment, it’s pretty simple – gym or running shoes, t-shirt, shorts or workout pants and a water. That's it! 

What do I need to bring to class? 


When you purchase monthly it will start on the date of purchase and you have until the next month on that date before you're due to purchase a new month!

How does your monthly package work? 


It's ok! There's always a modification and we're ready to provide it for you! 
Rather than just "winging it" at a  gym, you'll have a certified coach keeping you safe throughout the entire class. 

What if I can't do certain exercises?


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I'm so glad you're here, stick around, there's so much to see!


Hey there!
fitness + Wellness coach
Hiit It With Kim