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Discover the perfect balance between fitness, nutrition coaching, and personal training that will inspire you to achieve your goals and make healthy living a seamless part of your daily routine.

Whether your goal is to move, get stronger, lose weight or just be held accountable, you will find it here! Fitness will be part of your schedule instead of trying to fit it into your schedule!

1:1 Health Coaching

with Kim

Commit to your health and wellness through nutrition coaching and fitness training. 

Finally find happiness each day; when you look in the mirror and see REAL results. 

Make the changes needed to feel good EVERY day by prioritizing your wellness-mind, body and spirit. 

Put yourself first and ROCK your goals. 

Set new boundaries and prioritize
feeling your best so you can live your best life. 

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Probiotics, Greens, and Protein:

Boost your health and optimize your workouts with our recommended supplements. We'll provide you with guidance on incorporating probiotics, greens, and protein into your routine for enhanced results.

Stay motivated and on track with weekly check-ins. We'll connect via phone call or Zoom to discuss your progress, address any challenges, and provide guidance and support.

1:1 Weekly Accountability Check-ins with kim

Fuel your body with a personalized nutrition plan designed to support your fitness goals. We'll take into account your dietary preferences and create a plan that fits your lifestyle while helping you achieve optimal results.

customized nutrition plan

 Get ready for effective workouts tailored to your fitness level. These workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home or at the gym. All you need is a set of dumbbells to get started.

4 HOME or gym workouts per week:

Achieve your wellness goals with a comprehensive program designed to transform your body and enhance your overall well-being. 

1:1 Fitness, Nutrition & Supplement Plans

Introducing the 30, 60 & 90-Day 


90-Day Program

In addition to the 30-Day Plan, you'll also receive:

  • Free Recipe Book! Spice up your meals with our free recipe book. Discover delicious and nutritious recipes that align with your fitness and nutrition goals. Enjoy a variety of meals that are both satisfying and beneficial for your body.


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30-Day Program

1:1 Fitness, Nutrition & Supplement Plans

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60-Day Program


Keep the  momentum going STRONG with the 90-Day Plan which offers:

4 weekly workouts, customized nutrition plan, and weekly check-ins.

Free Recipe Book: Expand your culinary horizons with our free recipe book, filled with even more healthy and flavorful recipes to keep your taste buds satisfied throughout your fitness journey.

Free Ab/Core Guide: Strengthen your core and sculpt your abs with our free guide. This resource will provide you with exercises and tips specifically targeted towards developing a strong and defined midsection.



  • 4 Home or Gym Workouts per Week
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Probiotics, Greens & Protein
  • 1:1 Weekly Accountability Check-Ins with Kim






Jessica Monica

"Kim is phenomenal as a health coach/ instructor. she makes every class unique and challenging but always demonstrates modifications as well. A great place to work out for everyone. Give her class a try."

"Kim is phenomenal as a health coach ..."

Ileana Greene 

"The classes are so organized and diverse; you will never get bored because not one class is the same. Kim is always paying attention to make sure you’re doing the exercise correctly and always has options to modify if needed. All of that plus the welcoming group of people encourages you to keep coming back!!"

"You will never get bored!"

Danielle Chabot

I first found Kim around July 2020 - like a lot of us I had been going a little off the rails when Covid first hit. Not going to my workout classes, not yet realizing I could workout virtually, hockey was cancelled, we were enjoying drinks and brunch and supporting small town businesses by eating all their pizza. I got addicted to Kim’s challenges, her virtual workouts and eventually, once in person restarted, that as well. I’ve always been an athlete but these classes have shown me how strong I really am. On top of that, the group dynamic is electric. You want to be there with each other. You’re proud of each other. No matter what your level, you belong. Just come to class. You will not regret it.

"No matter your what your level-you belong ."

Brielynn Taylor

Kim is truly such an inspiring and amazing person! I may only be a short way into my journey, or “our journey” I should say, but this has been the most life changing experience for me in quite some time. I feel better about myself physically and mentally and stronger each and every day. She will meet you at any level and work with you to meet your wants and needs. Thank you for pushing me to always do more.

"Kim is truly such an inspiring and amazing person"

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